Oi samatatzides 1994

Two brothers who hate each other are going to spend Christmas with their mother. She tries to get them together.

All Titles
  • IT: Botte di Natale Botte di Natale
  • BR: A Volta de Trinity A Volta de Trinity
  • BG: Битката преди Коледа Битката преди Коледа
  • CA: Les Trouble-Fête Les Trouble-Fête
  • DK: The Troublemakers The Troublemakers
  • FI: Minä armahdan Mooses ei Minä armahdan Mooses ei
  • FR: Petit papa baston Petit papa baston
  • DE: Die Troublemaker Die Troublemaker
  • HU: Bunyó karácsonyig Bunyó karácsonyig
  • PT: Os Caça-Sarilhos Os Caça-Sarilhos
  • RO: Crăciun în Vestul Sălbatic Crăciun în Vestul Sălbatic
  • RU: Любители неприятностей Любители неприятностей
  • SK: Blb a blbec Blb a blbec
  • ES: Y en Nochebuena... ¡Se armó el belén! Y en Nochebuena... ¡Se armó el belén!
  • US: Troublemakers Troublemakers
  • US: The Fight Before Christmas The Fight Before Christmas
  • US: The Night Before Christmas The Night Before Christmas
  • US: The Trouble Makers The Trouble Makers
Directed by Terence Hill
Artists Terence Hill
as Travis
Jonathan Tucker
as Moses Junior
Release date 16 Mar 1995
Genre Comedy Family Western
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