Psila ta Xeria 1999

While they're on vacation in the Southwest, Rae finds out her man Michael spent their house money on a classic car, so she dumps him, hitching a ride to Vegas for a flight home. A kid ...

All Titles
  • Ψηλά τα χέρια
  • US: Held Up Held Up
  • BR: Segura a Onda Segura a Onda
  • BG: Пленникът Пленникът
  • FI: Held up - liian varattu Held up - liian varattu
  • DE: Held Up - Achtung Geiselnahme! Held Up - Achtung Geiselnahme!
  • HU: Botcsinálta túsz Botcsinálta túsz
  • IT: Uno spostato sotto tiro Uno spostato sotto tiro
  • PT: Sequestro Acidental Sequestro Acidental
  • RU: Ограбление Ограбление
  • ES: Secuestro por accidente Secuestro por accidente
  • US: Inconvenienced Inconvenienced
Directed by Steve Rash
Artists Nia Long
as Rae
Jake Busey
as Beaumont
Jamie Foxx
as Michael
Release date 12 May 2000
Genre Comedy
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