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Purpose of MoviePosterDB is to provide a database of movie posters that is as complete as possible. The principle of the website is that users upload a poster, and can then download one other poster in high-resolution. If you cannot contribute to the site by uploading posters, you have the possibility to reseive download bandwith by donating to the community. That money is spent for development and hosting.

We strongly believe that our website does not devalue the ability of copyright holders to profit from their original work. MoviePosterDB is meant as a complete reference of movie poster history and should, in fact, promote the movie industry in general.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can reach us through the contact form on top of this page. Please provide proof that you are indeed the copyright owner of a poster. If so, we will usually remove the poster within three working days.
You need bandwidth to download images in their original resolution. Downloading an image reduces your bandwith with the amount the image size. You can get bandwidth by uploading new posters. You get 10MB bandwidth per approved upload. To get bandwidth, login and go to our donation page. We started using this method of operation to ensure that people who download images also contribute to the website in some way.
We are currently on a new API solution due to limitations of our server capacity. Please contact us through the form on top of this page if you would like more information.
You cannot apply for such a status. What you can do is upload good posters. We might pick you as a new moderator after a while...
It might be that your payment has not been cleared yet. If you are however sure your payment is cleared and that you did not receive the correct amount of bandwidth, please contact us using the form above with a message containing your PayPal email-address or the PayPal transaction ID.
Printing movie posters is at your own risk and for personal use only. We cannot provide any kind of license or authorisation.
You can find the IMDb movie by browsing to a movie-page and then copy the 7-digit number from the end of the url. If a movie is not listed on IMDb, but you have poster for it, please let us know and we'll add the movie.